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New Album "UNTRUE LIKE A BOSS" out 09/26/2014


01. The Greatest Wrestling Fan
02. Pit Laserbeam
03. Party Like It's '84
04. Untrue To The Bone
05. Video Games Ain't No Shame
06. Home Is Where You Shred
07. Action Metal
08. Bass Player
09. The Ballad Of SOD
10. Pablo The Peacemaking Pizza
11. Fuck The Dub
12. Tape Trading Like A Boss
13. The Ballad Of Old School Metal
14: Bonus: Arriba Abajo 


The album title says it all. 14 tracks full of ACTION. Metal clichés are on this record as badly treated as the canned beer in the rehearsal room: Drink in one go!

Even more sophisticated than the first two albums UNTRUE LIKE A BOSS' delivers Thrash, Death, Party Metal till you drop. Whether party anthems like 'Party Like It's '84' or deadly serious topics such as the collapse of the music industry ('Tape Trading Like A Boss'): Old school is brought into 2014, new influences are cleverly integrated.

The thrilling title track 'Untrue To The Bone' shows the band's evolution and the wink in the lyrics probably best. Uniquely, the band had always been, but on the new album they put a top on it.

For the first time in the band's history songs like 'I Am The Greatest Wrestling Fan', 'Home Is Where You Shred' or 'Video Games Ain't No Shame' show the sporty side of the band. Their mascot "Pit Laserbeam" also receives its own anthem like all bass players in the world with the autobiographical masterpiece "Bass Player".

UNTRUE LIKE ABOSS was again produced by Kristian ‘Kohle’ Kohlmannslehner, who already put the final touches on other miscellaneous chart entries (Powerwolf, Eskimo Callboy, Crematory, et al.).



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