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Green Machine Laser Beam (2012)

01. Tough Cool And Here To Mosh
02. Ice Road Trucker Vs. The Sun
03. Don't Step Back
04. Beyond The Purple Pipes
05. Green Machine Laser Beam
06. Sergeant P Of The 23
07. We Are The Pit Police
08. Wake Me Up For Lunch
09. Honor To Whom Honor Is Due
10. Captain Quick And The Pirates
11. Call Your Friends To Hang Out
12. Don't Waste Time - Get Wasted (Now!)
13. No Beer - What A Mess (Radio Edit)
14. No Followers - No Leaders
15. Princess Of Gorleben
16. Guts.Gore.Reactor.Core

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01. BTM
02. From the basement to the pit
03. A backpack full of fleshsnacks
04. Immortal attitude
05. Mind your own shit
06. Damned soul
07. 23 thrash B C
08. Modification
09. Human decaye
10. Struggle to survive
11. Avoid dull people
12. Surf nazis must die
13. Honor torture war

Action-loaded. Sometimes fast. Sometimes groovy. Party-proven. Humorous.

The Band calls it ‘Brutal Thrash Metal’ or ‘Mosh Action Metal’. Thrash Metal attitude paired with brutal growls meet riffs – sometimes fast, sometimes groovy but always absolutely exciting and actionloaded. Hannes’ thrash vocals and Phil’s death vocals combine to an aggressive unit.

Very unique sound somewhere between Bay Area Thrash (Testament, Exodus) with skater attitude (Suicidal Tendencies) and Moshcore in the style of Municipal Waste or Anthrax with a little bit of old school Hardcore and Death. Some Bree-bree-brees, Gang-Vocals or a funny Jazz part makes the record fresh and different.