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The senior-band member has got plenty on grey matter - not only on his guitar! As a junk-food-fan and action-figures-collector (boxed as new) he has got the ability to think as quick as lightning. No one can beat him, dude.



This dude eases the band through the world of Heavy Metal and always makes sure that they are straight forward. Not forward but downhill is the way when the lover of Bavarian beer-specialities is riding his trail bike again.


Thrash Vocals / Guitar

This Thrash Metal Maniac definitely got caught in the 80s! That was probably the same time when he started to collect Metal shirts, comic strips, crispy riffs and authentic lyrics. The pizzafan leads his 4 comrades of THE PROPHECY 23 through every adventure.


Death Vocals

Tattoos, temperament and low tunes - that's Phil! The passionate wrestler (Epple-Glas-Champion '10) satisfies before, during and after every show. He always keeps an eye open (even during his sleep) to look out for the next party where he can show off with his beer-pong skills.



The vinyl-collector retired as a pro-skater and joined The 23rd Prophecy to convert his energy drink to an ice cold can of beer. The burger-lover (medium-to-rare) and pioneer of the "Grill 'em all"-movement is responsible for chaos on and in front of the stage. As a confident of Buzz Lightyear the bassist makes sure that the band is always in the right space-time continuum - that's what he calls "spirit".


After years of hard and persistent work as a newcomer THE PROPHECY 23 signed their first worldwide record deal with MASSACRE RECORDS and released the debut album “TO THE PIT” in 2010. Because of the overwhelming feedback on the record THE PROPHECY 23 was announced to play at WACKEN OPEN AIR and other mega events and shows in Germany and abroad.

The 2nd album "GREEN MACHINE LASER BEAM" was released in 2012. This unique piece of metal music was accompanied by a great international media response and even made it on position 18 of the german EMP-Album-Charts.

"UNTRUE LIKE A BOSS" (2014) manifests the attitude and lifestyle of the band at it's best. The 3rd album reached position 18 on AMAZON metal charts and position 13 on german METAL HAMMER charts.

The way up continued and sets the band on a new professional level. Their first headliner tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland was a great success. Because of their energetic songs and stage shows their fan base gets constantly bigger and bigger - especially in South America, USA and Europe.